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Blog > Using UX Design to build modern web and mobile apps

Using UX Design to build modern web and mobile apps

Last week I, Sean O’Kelly – the owner of XAPP Design, gave a class on using modern UX design to build web and mobile applications. The days of having to use separate technologies and tools to build web versus mobile apps are gone. The sooner you learn to design for both web applications and mobile apps, at the same time, the better off you will be in the future.

NOTE: for more information on trainings and demo material available please visit the Independent Application Developers Network at IADN.com.

What is UX Design anyway?

In a nut shell, UX Design is the process, as indicated in the graphic image, of combining the business goals, user needs and information to create the best User eXperience based on the device they are using. Why isn’t it called UE then? I have no idea, but probably not as cool of a name. 

Advantages of UX Design

  1. Target web and mobile platforms using the same dev tools
  2. Reuse components in web and mobile views
  3. Reduce development time
  4. Leverage new browser technology
  5. User interaction is optimized
  6. A better experience leads to better results
  7. many more!

Topics Covered in the Class

  1. Some Examples showing design variety
  2. Basic and Complex Layout Structures
  3. Using Layouts, Navigators and Panel cards
  4. Some tips and tricks to developing the UX
  5. Question and Answer

Example App Types Discussed

  1.  Mobile SaaS App with User/Vendor scenario
  2. Disconnected Mobile App for Field Inspections
  3. Web based HIPAA compliant app

View Intro Video to the class

To view the first few minutes of the class for free and to get a peek at what will be covered click on the link below. 

Video Intro

RAD Tool for Web and Mobile App Development

To use and leverage UX Design principles it’s best, in my opinion, to use a Rapid Application Development tool. The proper tool will allow you to build Web, IOS and Android application with one code base. One of the best tools on the market for developing web and mobile applications using UX Design is Alpha Anywhere by Alpha Software.

Who is Sean O'Kelly?

  1. Owner of XAPP Design, Inc.
  2. 22 consecutive years of business application development experience
  3. Loves hoping in his Jeep and taking his dogs on hikes in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
  4. Developer of custom applications for nearly any business need
  5.  IADN Advisory Board Member
  6. Got a problem? Let’s figure out a solution!
  7. Have an idea? Let’s make it a reality!

Contact Sean using the information below:

Website: XAPPDesign.com
Business: 866.477.9277
Email: sean@xappdesign.com