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Mobile Forms That Work Anywhere You Do!

You need mobile forms that works remotely and handle large amounts of data? We got that!

Dynamic Disconnected Forms Component

You need the ability to use a mobile application in remote areas, and on top of that, you want to be able to add forms and fields without having to redistribute the application and, on top of that you need to store lots of images, signatures, lookup data, etc.

The next few months just got packed for you! 

Unless…there was a complete solution that already had that done, and it could be quickly modified to fit your needs?

Go From Paper Forms....
To Mobile Forms...
That Work Anywhere!
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We Customize The Component to Your Unique Use Case

Today’s field applications must work in the most demanding situations and conditions. Often times what is required to be collected in the field can change rapidly, and having to redistribute the application all the time is both time consuming and cumbersome. Our custom built platform allows us to create a truly dynamic application. Add forms, sections, sub-sections, and fields as you see fit. To update the application in the field your users just have to refresh the Client Side Data Cache (by hitting a button in the application)….no need to modify, republish, or redistribute the application!


Data Structure - Flexible!

Our solution comes with a SQL data structure that makes things easy! We developed this structure to be as flexible as possible, and you may never need to manually add tables in order to collect data.

Device Memory Limits - Gone!

IOS and Android devices limit the amount of memory available for your application to run. With our mobile forms solution you never need to worry about how many tables, fields, and forms you have. 

Related Data - We Got That!

Add a form, add a related form with multiple entries…and ‘push’ out to the field. No need to even touch the app design! A couple years ago this would have been nearly impossible.