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Custom Database Design & Development Services

Your application needs a custom database, but who can design one? XAPP Can!

24 Consecutive Years of Database Development

Database Design That Works

Over the past 24 years we have had to design some rather complex database systems, including systems that simply can’t fail.


Starting in 1999 with a custom Point of Sale system for a wireless carrier, we have developed over 200 MS Access database systems. We work with ALL VERSIONS of MS Access and have created custom solutions that can work for decades.

MS SQL Server

With our client Toyota of WV, we started in 2005 working on MS SQL Server databases and converting MS Access back end databases over to SQL Server. At one point we had 55 database applications with Toyota alone.


With our client WV DEP, we started doing Oracle database development starting in 2008. We continue to create new database systems and convert MS Access over to Oracle. We also create web and mobile apps that use Oracle as a back end database server.


Starting with our own custom developed ecommerce platform in 2003, we have constantly been working with MySQL to deliver outstanding dynamic web based applications. 


Over the past few years we have been converting MySQL over to MariaDB for many clients, mainly for support purposes. For most new custom database design projects we will use MariaDB.

Along with those primary database systems, we have had to work with and connect to dozens of other database systems,  servers, and platforms in order to deliver the solutions our clients require.