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How to get started building a website

How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

There are many components to building a website.  These components include: Ecommerce, blogging, content creation, branding, CTA (Call to Actions), Newsletter Signups, Custom Contact Forms, and other deliverables.

The average 10 Page website without Ecommerce and custom forms or content creation will cost about $1500.

The average Ecommerce website with shipping Plugins and a payment gateway starts around $3000 & Up.

Xapp Design, LLC includes an integrated Blogging platform and Custom Contact Forms with each website package.

Branding and Content Creation along with custom graphics will require a much larger package.

How long does it take to build a website?

On average from conception to completion can be completed in less than 30 Days.  We start by giving you a custom quote explaining all the options.  Next, we give you a Blueprint outlining the project completion date and steps needed to complete the project.  Finally, we wrap up the project by reviewing your newly build website and responding to your feedback.  Then it goes live!

How can I make web design?

There’s many free website builders.  In fact, the platform we use is free.  However, it requires technical skills and SEO skills to get your website to perform in the search engines.  Having a website where no one visits would make your website an expense, rather than an investment.  Furthermore, having a user-friendly website with rich content and strong call to actions is equally important.  So, you have 3 options on how to make a website.

  1. Hire a professional website designer
  2. Work with a website builder
  3. Build it the using html files. (not desirable these days)

*Please note many website builders are not Google friendly when it comes to the backend of the code.  If the website uses heavy JavaScript for coding the search engines are unable to read the data on your website.

How do I market my business?

We’ve all purchased products and services either in person, direct mail, billboard, radio, newspaper, internet, or word of mouth.  So, which is right for your business?  Marketing in 2018 has changed drastically.  People rely heavily on the internet for researching and reviews before making a purchase of any kind.

So how do you market your own business?  The best way is to hire a Digital Marketing Company who can help your professional present your company online.  Xapp Design offers online marketing services.

How do we market your business online? XAPP Design collaborates and networks to expand your promotions and branding.  We create Buzz and relevant traffic for your company. We teach you to build relationships online by offering content creation, coupons, newsletter sign-ups, referrals platforms, and networking.  Using Social Media Platforms, Major Search Engines, Business Citations, Blogging, News Releases, and SEO techniques.

Xapp Design creates a marketing plan specific to your industry with marketing research to drive it.  Together we will create a unique selling proposition to target your audience and create a niche.