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You have an idea – now what? Since we have been in a variety of businesses ourselves and helped hundreds of customers with theirs, we can help you get started as well.
Getting Started
It’s hard when you are starting out! You have an idea and you’ve put a lot of your valuable time into “thinking it out”. You think it’s a winner. Now what? We are here to help you at the beginning ... Read more
Constructive Criticism
Sometimes when you are “too close” to something, it’s hard to see the various pitfalls and shortcomings of your idea. Our goal isn’t to dissuade you, but to help you get a better understanding of the ... Read more
Expand from Idea to Concept
Once we have determined that your idea can be viable in its market we need to determine how it can actually be done - this is where 20 years of technology development and consulting come into play. ... Read more
From Concept to Reality
We are here as a technology partner as well. There are a variety of platforms and technologies that we use everyday which may be able to help you in your endeavor. If desired we can form a mutually beneficial relationship of some sort – we are very flexible.