Database Training

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Does your company have staff that need to be trained in Relational Databases such as MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL?

Primary Purpose
Our goal is to get people to understand Relational Database Systems and how they work, why they are used, and what are the advantages and/or disadvantages of the various system out there. We want ... Read more
Learn Skills and Competency – not Certification
We teach people to be competent with relational database systems so that they can be more productive at work. We do not teach to certify people, we teach to train and unleash people.
Experience Counts
In the past 20 years we have worked with dozens of database systems. The primary systems we focus on are the following, with our experience listed:
  • SQL Server – 15 Years
  • MySQL – 18 Years
  • Oracle – 13 Years
  • MS Access – 20 Years

What We Teach
The key to understanding Relational Database Systems is to have a grasp of the following:
  • Tables and Relationships – how is data structured and why
  • Field Types – commonly used field types and when to use them
  • Querying Data – getting the data you need and being able to trust it
  • Forms and Data Manipulation – Interacting with the database and the various ways of doing so
  • Reporting – collecting the ...
  •  Read more
Put It To Work
Our training will allow people to put their skills to work. We focus on knowledge and understanding, and then your team can put that to work with any Relational Database System you have.