Covid19 Recovery Promotion Terms and Conditions

General Terms
You agree to pay XAPP Design, Inc. the total amount due for the custom website build. There will be a down payment, and first month of the installment payments, due upon acceptance of the agreement. Monthly payments will be due for (2) years to pay off the value of the website build.

Down Payment
You agree to pay $300 down payment (for the business site) or $600 down payment (for the ecommerce site), plus tax, toward the total price of the website build. The down payment is subtracted immediately from the total purchase price of the build, leaving $1200 remaining for the business site, or $2400 for the ecommerce site.

Monthly Payments
You agree to pay XAPP Design, Inc. (24) monthly installment payments of $50 each for the business site, or $100 each for the ecommerce site, plus tax, towards the balance remaining of the website build.

Balance Due and Payments Remaining
After your initial payment, which is $300 plus the first $50 installment for a total of $350 for the business website, OR $600 plus the first $100 installment for the ecommerce website, plus tax, the balance due on your account will be $1150 for the business website, and $2300 for the ecommerce website, plus tax. You will have (23) monthly payments remaining.

Launch of Website

Your website will go live within (30) days of initial payment. Launch could be slightly delayed if you do not submit required information or responses to feedback requests in a timely manner. A delay in the launch will not delay any payments that are due as part of this agreement.

Balance Paid In Full
Once your balance is paid in full you will completely own the website. You can choose to prepay if you wish, and terminate remaining monthly payments. Continued services, such as those included free with this agreement, will require a new payment agreement which we can discuss at that time.

Refund Policy

Because we are building your website upfront and we are assuming the risk of financing at no charge, you will be on a payment plan and no refunds will be given.

Termination Fee

In the event that you fail to make payments in accordance to the payment plan each month, your account will be terminated and you will owe the remaining balance in full immediately. We will send you a final invoice with the balance due upon receipt..

Included Services

Your timely monthly payment includes the following services for free: Business Class Hosting, Security Certificate, Website Backup and Maintenance. Should you fail to make payments, for any reason, these services will be subject to termination at our discretion which means your website will not be visible to the public.

If you do not pay the balance owed in full, within 30 days of termination, we will start collection activity in an attempt to collect the debt. This could result in negative marks against your personal credit and/or business credit.

Legal Contest
Any disagreement resulting in a contest as to the legitimacy of the agreement in whole, or in part, will be adjudicated in a court of law in Charleston, WV., where XAPP Design, Inc. is located.